Downshifting Abroad

Weather is better, things cost less - is this enough?

Moving abroad seems to be the 'in thing' at present. TV programmes such as 'A Place in the Sun' and 'No Going Back' have shown many couples seeking their dream away from GB. Most appear to be fairly glossy and failures seem few and far between.

Like downshifting itself, it is most important that it is as near to the right decision as possible and that all the family are behind you in it. All too often it seems that the female partner is most adaptable to this, even if it was their male partners idea !

On a recent trip to Spain, our coach drove from Alicante to La Manga, about one and a half hours. What stuck out so much was that the whole of the journey seemed to be going through one big building site and by the signs, it is aimed at the British !

The brochures and TV programmes do fairly show the lovely homes available, but equally do not show what may be on the edge of the new estates - often fairly raw shrub !

It would seem that it's a new housing estate, but in a country where the sun shines. Fair enough, that is what most people want, but it is so important to check out these places thoroughly by searching the internet on surrounding areas and certainly going there for a few weeks to sample the places.

One thing which sticks out from these programmes is the amount of people who go without learning the language of the country they're moving to. Most appear to rely on English being spoken by everyone else and that it's not necessary.
I believe it is necessary and at least having some basic knowledge before going is not only going to be beneficial in communication, but is being polite to your new 'hosts'.

I know of some who have moved abroad completely changing their jobs in the process.
There is definately a need for Estate Agents over there and some companies have you coming back to GB quite often to do presentations and sell their houses.

Research shows that one of the biggest GB related businesses is Undertaking !! Apparently people move to Spain to see out their years but wish to be put to rest in this country. This means form filling, arranging flights and paperwork etc., thus becoming quite a lucrative business.

In some places where there are many British people, the crime rate has gone up, so a future in Alarm systems etc., is another option to look into.

If you're not going into Trade or business, but a Smallholding situation there are many opportunities for cheap property and a good amount of land.

downshifting abroad

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