Family and Friends

Considerations for family & friends when downshifting

To some, this page may seem either the obvious or not necessary. I believe it firmly is something you must think seriously about.

It is imperitive that your partner is solidy behind you in
your decision. The ideal is that they are coming along with you and it's a joint downshifting experience. Should your partner not be changing their job, there's a chance they will be the chief money earner in the family !

But it's your partner who will be faced with having to do more work both in the workplace and at home and it's their shoulder you're going to lean on when things aren't going quite to plan.

Although I believe that kids should be understanding of their parents needs, it is not always so, especially teenagers who are demanding of the latest Playstation game, the rip roaring highly graphical PC and £200 plus birthday and Christmas presents !
Or maybe they are at University and would find a lack of financial support a bit harder for them to Study.

You have to face the reality that one day you're a highly paid manager or something else and the next day you're on your own and possibly 'the eccentric who lives next door'.
It depends what road you're taking. If it's the road of odd-jobbing / part-time work and home self reliance, you definitely will be the centre of attention, but I can assure you there will be many who will respect and even be jealous of your situation.

The family are going to have a new lifestyle around your dream, so you must make it their dream as well. Be positive and wherever possible share with them the planning and projects.

In 99% of family situations, the kids owe you one ! This is pay back time !

One dead cert way of saving money is by not socialising so much (presuming you do) and your friends are going to notice this. Some will feel sorry for you and buy the drinks, but that's not what it's about.
You could be the centre of attention and life and soul at the Pub - you're going to miss that as well.

Don't see these things as negative. See them as positive because it'll sort out your true friends and those true friends will be the one's to help you out now and again. A bit like Tom and Barbara on the 'Good Life' TV show. They think you're mad - but they love you !

Grandpa and Grandkids on bikes

Will any change affect my
childrens education ?

Will a possible reduction in
lifestyle affect my childrens relationships with friends ?

Will I be able to sustain an annual holiday of some description ?
Will I be able to afford or find time for my existing hobbies and do I want that ?

Before Downshifting


Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it. Dalai Lama