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TV and Movie Extra / Background Artist work

Don't stop reading this if you're overweight, underweight, short, got no teeth, over 60 and bald - someone, somewhere may just want you.

Look at any TV drama, comedy series, advert and you'll se a normal selection of people in the background. Film makers and Advertising Agencies don't want a street scene to be fall of George Clooneys or Michelle Pfeiffers, they want it to look real.

I'm over 50, got half my teeth, as thin as a rake and quant, but I got three days work as an Extra for a forthcoming BBC Comedy series.
It was an early atrt, as it always is, at 7am and I was still there at 6pm, but in that time I was fed three good meals and appeared on set for about 2 hours a day. The rest of the time was spent sitting on a Crew Coach reading, doing crosswords, chatting with other people and twiddling my thumbs.

Some of these people do it full time and it's a case of being with the right agency and by chance living in the right area.

I only got £56 per day, but once you've done one, there's nothing stopping a casting exec seeing your face on the screen or in the Agency portfolio and asking you to do more work. When this happens, the Agency can up your fee and there were Extras at this particular location who had been specifically asked because they were more in the foreground and suited the part. They were getting up to £200 per day.

You can't lose anything in life by asking, so send a photo and short CV to some of these casting and model agencies, you never know - that's the joy about it. Just as you think nothing's going to happen, it does andit's because you've made yourself available for it to happen.

House Sitting

This is quite simply moving into someones house whilst they are away, a kind of 'live in burglar alarm' and someone to keep the house kept and warm.
Could be for two weeks or six month's, you don't know.

Depending on which Agency you are with, you can pick and choose accordingly, but, of course, must take into account you're leaving your own home for a time and if you're farming the garden and have other work, this may not be for you.

All Agencies obviously carry out security checks on you.

Dog Walking and Pet sitting

This is more available in the larger town or City. You can either go it alone and advertise or go through an Agency.
There are many professional people who like to have a dog for whatever reason, but don't have time during the week to exercise them.

Home Settler

When someone's moving to a new area, the Solicitor will have done the ground work on the house and land and the better Estate Agent will have directed them to the Council information office, but that's about it.
Busy people buying houses don't always have time to get to know a town and get things sorted before they move.

Why not be the person who's 'on location'. If you know the town, you'll be able to show them around the town in a day, show them where the supermarkets are, the DIY Stores, Schools and other useful landmarks.
You could arrange to be the person to supervise the builders on site, the deliveries, the Gas / Electricity meter readers read.

Basically do everything so the people moving simply have to just move in and everything is done for them.

I'm sure there is a huge potential in this, especially if you live in an expanding area - and there's money to be made.

tv extra work

Home Settling. Try introducing yourself to local Estate Agents. Give them a Portfolio of your local knowledge. Simply leaving a Card may bring rewards your way.

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