Cutting your costs on transport

One of a downshifters biggest challenges.

Assuming you have a car before downshifting, even two, unless you live virtually on top of Shops and Schools the chances are you're going to need one still.

There are various ways of looking at ways to save money, the obvious one is part exchanging for a smaller less expensive car to run and if you intend doing some work, even a Van is worth looking at.

I went from good car > tatty car > no car > bicycle > Moped > tatty car > brand new car. The latter may seem odd but weighing it all up it was actually more cost effective = smaller car no tax, services, warranty.

The strange thing is that although I'm three miles away from the shops and at the time I didn't have a car, I managed

The main tips for personal travel are..

1. If I have a car do I really need to use it as much. A cycle ride or even walking on a reasonably nice day can be quite enjoyable, also healthier.

2. Do I need a car? Do we need two cars?

3. If you do, how much can I save by having a less fuel consumpton model?

A suggestion is to keep the car and suck it and see. Wherever possible don't use it, work out how much you've saved then decide.

Downshifting means some sacrifices

Public transport is another option of course but that again depends upon where you live, but it's surprising how much you can fit into pannier bags and backpack on a Bicycle!

The key thing to remember is that for most, downshifting is a sacrifice, especially with things which were before more a treat. Treats become the norm, so it's hard to say farewell to some.

Stepping from one life to another is a major step but look upon it as a challenge and with a will to win - then you will!


Picanto car
Smaller car, no tax, low insurance and more miles per £

Bicycle for shopping and pleasure
Cycling; Cheap and healthy plusalso ideal for pleasure as well

Travel by Bus
Public Transport; more costly but good when the weather's bad!

Frugal and Self Reliant


Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it. Dalai Lama