A new Profile

A time when people see you in a new light

I hope some of the pages are not putting anyone off the idea of downshifting.

It's quite simply that even after 7 years (Oct 2007) I still feel I'm in a downshifting process and learning more of the ups and downs as I go along.

Seven years ago I was a Manager of over 150 people, had a huge budget to play with, had a bit of clout, hired and fired etc.etc.
I like to think that many respected me as their Manager and to a certain degree, it was a nice position to be in.

Now! I do all sorts of work such as Kitchen Portering, Bar Work, Genral Household Cleaning and much more.

Only the other day I thought; Some years back I attended Conferences, Lunches etc. and often remember walking from the Car to the Conference Rooms and seeing a Chap wheeling some Chinaware / Cutlery along on a Trolley.
"Blimey", I'd think, "How can someone do that for a living - physical, being more on the lower end of the important list and earning a pittance!

Seven years on - it's not 'my sole living', but I'm that Chap!

I used to spend time in a Bar in the evenings after Meetings and be 'served' by people, now it's me doing the serving!

In general, it doesn't bother me. The reason I do it is because I don't want the stress of the previous life business wise and I have to pay bills. I can't spend my life doing exactly what I please, I have responsibilities.
The difference financially is that I've adapted to lower income, that's all.

Mind you, I'm lucky in so far as I work somewhere I love and get on with everyone there.But you do get the occasional thoughts like "What a ridiculous managerial decision, it's not how I'd do it" or "Blimey I had more responsibilities in one day than he has in a year"/
The list goes on and I often have to bite my tongue and just get on with it. There is a tendancy to want to tell them that.

So it is a kind of Master to Slave situation and it's one you have to accept. If you don't, you're not being honest with yourself and others.
You have to have that 'I don't care what anyone says' attitude. It isn't good to dwell on past glories, the bigger picture is that you have done something which is major in your life and many others wouldn't because they are in a comfort zone financially.

When you first downshift many of your old coleagues will see you as being eccentric and have a bit of a laugh that you're going to do something more trivial. But as time goes on you'll be surprised how many people admire and respect your decision and your new way of life.
Whilst they're standing room only on a busy commuter train after eight hours sitting in an air conditioned office reading their doom and gloom evening papers, you're prbably already home or had the day at home and off to do that little part-time job which will enable you to buy this weeks shopping!

It is a very important point this, you may have spent years in a position of authority and if you like, giving out the orders, now you're getting them!
You will at some stage get those 'Blimey, I used to be.....' thoughts and you'll want to tell people that - don't !!

At the end of the day it's the simple - Are you living to work or working to live !


Money, the size of your Car, the clothes you wear don't matter.
It's how you spend it, keep it clean and how you wear it.

Most people find the change of character after downshifting to be more open, more pleasant and opening your eyes to things you never saw before

Before Downshifting


Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it. Dalai Lama